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Entex Technologies: 14 Years of engineering a clean water environment

In ENTEX’s 14 year history, we’ve accomplished so much. We’ve served dozens of satisfied customers, providing custom engineering solutions to fit their specific needs.  We’ve expanded our product offerings to include Webitat Fixed Media, Flowtex Filter System, Packaged Plants, PEAK Managed Services and more so we could better serve your needs.  Our technologies continue to treat over 75 Million Gallons of water each day.  It’s all possible because of you! THANK YOU for your years of support! Together, we can make the next 14 years as good as the last!

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Technologies provided by Entex have been selected with confidence to treat more than 60 million gallons per day (MGD) of design capacity, with installations ranging from 12 MGD to 15,000 gallons per day.

  • An array of trusted biological technologies to meet your specific requirements

Entex can provide biological systems for complete carbon and nutrient removal, including biological phosphorus and biological nitrogen control. Entex Filtration Systems can be integrated to meet increasingly stringent solids and nitrogen effluent standards.

  • A team of leaders answering today’s challenges while anticipating tomorrow’s solutions

We can offer you an unbiased assessment and design the system that is right for you. The Entex team has been involved in over 750 installations with over a combined 100 years of experience. In our fourteenth year of operation, the same experienced team continues to support our customers.

Advanced Systems. Proven Solutions.

  • No matter what your industry
  • No matter what challenges you face…
  • No matter what system you use…
  • ENTEX solutions deliver a superior clean-water environment.
  • Let us help you !

The Webitat is a BioWeb IFAS system engineered to actively manage the attached biomass environment.


FlowTex is a user friendly, high performance filter.


BioWeb comprised of filaments loops that stand out from the fabric providing growth sites for attached biomass.


ENTEX's IFAS Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants provide complete solutions for on-site treatment.

Packaged Plants

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