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The food and beverage industry has long been established and productive. Yet in today’s world where “going green” has become increasingly important, many facilities are struggling to meet stricter wastewater regulations. As treatment facilities have aged, it has become more and more difficult to treat wastewater efficiently.

Today, the need to maintain profit margins creates a dilemma: how to keep costs low while updating aging facilities and keeping in rhythm with environmental movements. Food production plants must comply with growing numbers of requirements in the sanitary, economic, and environmental domains, as well as real-world concerns:

  • increasing health and safety regulations
  • consumer sensitivity and awareness of quality, food safety, and environmental concerns
  • increased need to maintain profit margins in the face of worldwide competition

Entex provides technology, knowledge, and systems to enable you to meet those stricter regulations while reducing costs and avoiding the major expense of expanding wastewater treatment facilities.

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