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Wineries and breweries face special challenges in wastewater treatment.
ENTEX can provide a new system or upgrade your present system, making it more cost-effective, compliant and efficient.


With increasingly stricter water regulations and land suitable for vineyards costing a high premium, wineries face a dilemma: how to maximize the effectiveness of wastewater treatment facilities without encroaching on valuable land. Entex’s BioWeb offers wineries new options for improving efficiency without incurring high costs or requiring additional space. Wineries can easily install this advanced technology into existing wastewater treatment systems, allowing you to meet wastewater standards or to recycle water for irrigation or other uses.


Entex can help brewers with many of their wastewater needs. Whether you’re a small brewer in need of your first treatment system or a larger facility looking to improve the efficiency of your system, Entex’s technology and expertise can help your brewery treat its wastewater without a great increase in costs. In fact, whatever your current wastewater situation, Entex can help you cut costs and meet the requirements of increasing wastewater regulations.

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