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Petroleum refineries use large volumes of water, and face challenging treatment requirements, with wastewater that can contain hazardous chemicals, hydrocarbons, phenol, ammonia nitrogen, and many others. This, along with ever-increasing regulatory pressures on treated water discharges, is why refineries like Frontier Refining Inc. turn to ENTEX for advanced wastewater treatment technologies and innovations to minimize impacts on the environment.

In August of 2006, the wastewater treatment plant for the Frontier Oil Refinery in Cheyenne, Wyoming received a new effluent discharge limit that required greater ammonia removal than the plant had historically been able to maintain.  Frontier chose ENTEX’s BioPortz MBBR solution to help meet the challenge. Within a few months of installation, the effects of the additional fixed biomass were already being seen in the plant’s performance.

The success of ENTEX’s installation led to the decision to convert a second Frontier plant to an ENTEX IFAS solution as well. Both facilities have been successfully meeting their nitrification limit of 2.1 mg/l subsequent to conversion to the Entex BioPortz system.  The success of these two BioPortz installations was highlighted in an article in the August/September 2009 issue of Industrial Wastewater magazine (Vol. 8, No. 4).

ENTEX understands the challenges facing the refining industry and will work closely to provide an innovative system based on our BioPortz MBBR system or Webitat technologies to remove ammonia and other compounds in compact systems.

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