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In 2007, Kenosha Beef International, Ltd installed two Webitat modules in their existing lagoon in Wisconsin. Before discharging in the winter when the temperatures get as low as 33º F, they needed to achieve nitrification to below 1 mg/l. The flow rate is about 75,000 GPD and provides the main flow in the nearby stream in the winter; flow then continues to the Des Plaines River.

The Webitat modules were placed near the influent to the basin, providing much needed aeration and mixing, as well as adding substantial biomass to the lagoons. The Webitat modules were installed with an integral aeration system which combines with the Webitat baffles to set up an air lift mixing pattern, enhancing mixing in the lagoon.

Media Installed:
Two Webitat Modules with 4, 056 ft2 of BioWeb, totaling 8,112 ft2


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