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Upgrades to the reclaimed water system at St. Margaret Road Waste Water Treatment Plant in Lake City, FL, feature an Entex 4.0 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) FlowTex cloth disc filter.

The FlowTex cloth disc filter will help effluent from the plant irrigate home subdivisions, public parks and other open areas. This means conserving ground water and extending the useful life of the area’s Water Treatment Plant.

Sisters Welcome Reclaim Water facility has installed a 12-disc filter with built-in redundancy. The filter is designed to operate at peak capacity even if three of the 12 discs are out of service, eliminating the need for a second filter and reducing capital and installation costs.

Each disc consists of two independently-operated segments that can easily be replaced without taking the entire filter off-line. And because there is no need to drain the tank when replacing cartridges, there is no down-time, and the water treatment facility operates without wasting time and money.

Plant startup was completed in 2012.  During performance testing and continued operation, effluent TSS and turbidity averaged 1.2 mg/L and 1.5 NTU, meeting the design criteria of 5 mg/L and 2 NTU. The filter was tested at hydraulic loading rates up to 7.5 gpm/sf, well above design target of 3.6 gpm/sf.

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