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Environmental Center for Livestock Waste Management

A BioWeb system was installed at this animal waste treatment facility in 1999. The system treats 16,500 GPD with influent BOD of 1,830 mg/l and TKN ranging from 220 mg/l to as high as 2,800 mg/l. The average BOD and COD removals are about 98%. Despite the high variability in influent TKN concentrations, the system reduces the effluent TKN concentrations by an average of about 85%. The ability of the sludge to settle is very good, with an average SVI value of about 90 and values less than 150 at all times. This has significant implications for future processing of sludge through thickening and dewatering to convert it into useable product such as compost. The system operates without any discernible odors at the top of the treatment tank, and has a very small footprint, measuring 7.62 m in diameter.

Media Installed:
3 modules of BioWeb fixed media in an SBR (sequencing batch reactor)

98% removal of BOD, average TKN removal of 85% and an average SVI of 90


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