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In February 2008 the village of Newark, NY installed three Webitat modules in each pass of a two pass aeration basin at their existing wastewater treatment facility in upstate New York. Each of the six Webitat modules are 6-½ ft by 6-½ ft by 11 ft tall. The final installed modules included the standard Webitat integral aeration system and side baffling.

The original 3.3 MGD design had two aeration trains, each with two passes. The addition of the six Webitat modules with BioWeb fixed media in one train allowed that single train to treat the entire flow of 3.3 MGD. The second train was then converted to provide for sludge storage.

The addition of the Webitat system corrected several historical problems the plant faced, including significant problems with hydraulic washout, by fixing a portion of the biomass in the basins to ensure continuous treatment. An additional challenge was the low temperatures (9º–10º Celsius) experienced routinely during winters in this upstate New York facility.

Media Installed:
6 Webitat modules each with 4,680 ft2  of BioWeb, for a total of 28,080 ft2

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