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Entex Technologies increased the treatment capacity and efficiency at the Owens Corning wastewater plant in Newark, Ohio, by adding BioWeb modules to their existing sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The upgrade has allowed Owens Corning to vary production levels at the manufacturing site. Entex installed 15 BioWeb modules—specifically designed and interlocked to function in the vigorously mixed, high-rate jet aeration SBR—to provide a significant increase in reactor biomass.

The fixed-film system was engineered to meet Owen Corning‚’s specific operational requirements. For example, the BioWeb modules were designed to be fully submerged throughout the processing cycle. This was the second time fixed-film media had been used in an SBR system, a technique many industry experts once considered impossible.

The innovative Webitat retrofit of Owens Corning’s SBR was the subject of an Industrial Wastewater magazine article in the December 2009/January 2010 issue (Vol. 8, No. 6).

This novel application is efficient, economical, and offers a flexible method to achieve additional biological treatment capacity, guaranteeing a bright future in treating various industrial wastewaters.

Media Installed:
15 Webitat modules with over 127,040 ft2 of BioWeb media

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