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In October 2012, the City of Snohomish, WA installed 18 Webitat modules in each of three lagoons at their existing wastewater treatment plant to improve nitrification and enhance removal of 5-day carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (cBOD5). Each of the 54 modules is equipped with integral coarse bubble aeration and dedicated air supply. The system is designed to treat the flows and loading for both dry and wet weather conditions while meeting the specified performance requirements. Additionally, the system has the ability to run in either full aerobic mode or alternating aerobic/anoxic mode, depending upon performance and energy considerations.

Media Installed:
54 Webitat modules, each with approximately 3,549 ft2 of BioWeb fixed media, totaling 191,646 ft2 for additional, stabilized biomass growth

Snohomish has seen staggering results:

CBOD Levels at Snohomish

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