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In the spring of 2008, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals developed plans to expand their wastewater treatment facility to accommodate a proposed production expansion. Based on a review of available options, they decided to convert an existing basin to a submerged fixed film (SFF) reactor.

They turned to Entex Technologies for an evaluation of fixed versus moving media. Since their objective was to maximize capacity with the existing basin, they elected to use Entex’s BioPortz moving media system even though the overall cost was higher than fixed media. Media began arriving in March 2008 and operation began in the summer, quickly producing consistent 90% COD removal of COD with influent COD level ranging from 5,000 mg/l to as high as 20,000 mg/l.

Overall plant performance has been excellent, exceeding design expectation. Since the IFAS system was implemented in June 2008, the COD removal has been as high as 98%.

Media Installed:
21,440 ft3 of BioPortz moving media providing over 12.3 MM ft2 of biologically active surface area

Average of 90% COD removal to as high as 98% removal


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