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Executive Vice President Dick Pehrson’s experience with IFAS systems started in 1996 with the first BioWeb installation. Dick also has extensive experience in process design and full plant unit operations supply for the water and wastewater industry. He has had senior sales and marketing leadership positions in several of the premier companies in the industry, including DAVCO, F. B. Leopold, US Filter and Zenon. Dick holds a BA Degree in Physics from Southern Illinois University, and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Some of the specific areas of product experience include aeration, clarification (both conventional gravity and plate separators), dissolved air flotation, physical-chemical treatment, membrane systems, package plants and turnkey industrial treatment systems supply. Dick was also a manufacturing representative for a few years which provides him this important perspective often missing in manufacturing/system supply organizations.

Dick’s breadth of experience, expertise and viewpoint are all highly valued and utilized at Entex to maintain a well-trained and well-supported sales force, providing our clients with the best in process design, equipment performance and customer service.

Papers by Dick Pehrson:


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