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FlowTexTM Drum Filter is a simple, inexpensive, cloth media filter designed for package plant and small flow applications. FlowTex filter provides for outside to inside flow and incorporates a rotating cloth filter drum and a fixed vacuum assembly for backwashing.

FlowTex drum provides approximately 20 ft2 of filtration surface area. The drum filter can be configured as a clarifier insert or in a stand alone tank. The outside-to-inside flow prevents solids from becoming trapped inside the filter drum. Heavier solids settle to the bottom of the tank. Clarifier insert configurations allow for solids removal by clarifier underflow.

FlowTex is a Proven Concept in Cloth Media Filtration

Influent enters the filter tank or clarifier and completely surrounds the drum. Suspended solids are removed as flow passes through the cloth filter media. Solids accumulating on the cloth will gradually restrict the flow of liquid through the cloth causing the water level to rise. When the level reaches a predetermined set point the backwash process begins.

The filter will produce reuse quality effluent

  • TSS < 5 mg/L
  • NTU < 2
  • 10 um nominal separation
  • Title 22 approved
The FlowTex Drum Filter advantage
  • Re-use quality effluent
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Small footprint
  • Continuous filtration during backwash
  • low backwash rates

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