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is ENTEX’s solution to the ever increasing demands and regulations on Wastewater Treatment Plants. We combine our expertise and optimization algorithms with cutting edge technology to ensure you are always operating at maximum efficiency.  Using our combined experience of over 100 years and wide installation base, we’ve honed the predictive optimization algorithms leveraged in our custom software package.

Features of PEAK:

 Optimize for the Future

    • Reduce Energy Costs by Optimizing Blower Cycles
    • Reduce Chemical Costs by Eliminating Overages
    • Reduce Labor Costs by Predicting Future Needs

Monitor Current Status

    • Monitor from any Device, Anywhere
    • Receive Critical System Alerts Immediately
    • Reduce Labor Costs by Centralizing Monitoring

Analyze Past Data

    • Gain Actionable insights into Plant Performance
    • Simplify Compliance Reporting
    • Track and Examine Historical Performance

 Phone & Email Support

    • Leverage the Expertise of ENTEX Personnel Directly
    • Over 100 years of Combined Experience
    • Talk directly to the Engineers who designed the system
How PEAK works:

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