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Webitat is the perfect retrofit for any wastewater treatment lagoon. Many plants are built with aerated lagoons because it is a relatively low-cost option which requires minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, Lagoons have historically offered very limited flexibility to increase performance should a plant become noncompliant or have to meet increased demand. By placing Webitat modules within a lagoon, the high-rate mixing cells add aeration and fixed biomass to improve BOD removal and nitrification. Each Webitat module is equipped with individual aeration and a at steel plate with rounded edges to stabilize the unit on the floor of the lagoon without damaging the lagoon lining.

Features of the Webitat process:
  • Adds fixed biomass to the lagoon to increase biological treatment.
  • Creates enhanced mixing zones in targeted locations.
  • Adds diffused air to increase oxygen transfer.
  • Provides multiple high-rate bioreactor cells within the lagoon.
  • Biomass shears off media, seeding the lagoon with biomass.
  • Flat plate distributes weight on the lagoon floor, protecting liners.

Click here to see our Webitat for Lagoons technology at our Clare, MI installation and hear from the Consulting Engineer on the project, the Superintendent of Wastewater Treatment, and the Mayor of Clare, MI.

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One of Many Success Stories:

See the staggering effect that Webitat for Lagoons had in the City of Snohomish, WA. They installed 18 Webitat modules in each of three lagoons at their existing wastewater treatment plant to improve nitrification and enhance removal of 5-day carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (cBOD5). The data speaks for itself:

Ammonia Levels at Snohomish

CBOD Levels at Snohomish

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