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The oxidation channel or ditch may well be the most user friendly of current wastewater treatment systems. The true version is extended aeration, which appears to be plug flow, but has complete mix reactor kinetics. It is very forgiving, and with modern variations of multiple channels, it is resilient and flexible. It is, however, rather land-demanding.

Building another basin is not a minor endeavor. Entex has a patent-pending design for adding biomass to your existing basin. While from a hydraulics through put standpoint, we do need to factor in your clarifiers’ capabilities, and we can most certainly supercharge your existing tankage biological removal capabilities.

Entex can add modules to the sides of the channel in a “streamlined” profile to integrate onto the channel with minimal channel drag while increasing mixing, oxygen transfer, and reactor kinetics. These can be installed with minimal disruption to operations and often while keeping the oxidation ditch on line. Units come complete with their own aeration for mixing, controlling biomass, and addressing the additional oxygen demand of the increased efficiency of the basin.

CFD Modeling has shown that Webitat modules induce up to 8 MGD of flow through each unit. This provides superior substrate contacting and multiple cycles of wastewater through each high-biomass Webitat reactor. This effectively provides a series of high-rate complete mix cells within the given basin.

Systems can also be configured to work in a true anoxic Webitat channel mode to enhance dentrification.

We can increase your biological removal performance in the existing basin and eliminate the need to build another basin or do a total rework.

Please contact us to discuss this specific application to see if this solution is right for you.

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