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Lagoons are pond-like treatment systems designed to receive, hold, and treat wastewater for a pre-determined period of time. They are often lined with clay or an artificial liner to prevent leaks to the groundwater below.  Many plants are built with aerated lagoons because it is a relatively low-cost option which requires minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, Lagoons have historically offered very limited flexibility to increase performance should a plant become noncompliant or have to meet increased demand.

Webitat modules are the perfect solution to retrofit a lagoon because their high-rate mixing cells add aeration and fixed biomass to improve BOD removal and nitrification.  Each Webitat module is equipped with individual aeration and a steel plate with rounded edges to stabilize the unit on the floor of the lagoon without damaging the lagoon lining.

Learn more about how Webitat can be used in Lagoons here. BioPortz, our MBBR solution, can also be used in conjunction with lagoons.

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