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Since the 1980s when the EPA published its first Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) design manuals and SBRs became widely adopted, the SBR technology has not significantly improved, but the loads have steadily climbed.  30 years later, many SBRs are observing decreased treatment efficiency due to increasing loads. ENTEX’s Webitat for SBR system, the world’s most trusted fixed-media SBR upgrade solution, is proven to help restore & increase SBR treatment capacity by augmenting the existing suspended phase biology with attached phase biology.

Boost SBR Performance

  • Increase Treatment Capacity
  • Maximize Mixing & Substrate Transfer
  • Added Oxygenation with Recommended Integrated Aeration System
  • Optimized Settling Characteristics & Process Stability
  • Handle Inconsistent & Unique Water Characteristics

Reduce SBR Operating Costs

  • Reduce Sludge Yield by up to 50%
  • Slash Sludge Hauling Costs
  • Offset Suspended Mixed Liquor

Easy Installation

  • Doesn’t Interrupt Process or Require Dewatering
  • Easily Integrate into Existing Control System
  • Possible to Operate on Existing Aeration System

Trusted Name

  • Durable, Long Lasting Equipment
  • Custom Engineered Solution for your Application
  • Dependable Support

Here’s what the E.P.A. has to say:

The SBR process has widespread application where mechanical treatment of small wastewater flows is desired. Because it provides batch treatment…it is ideally suited for…wide variations in flow rates…operation in the “fill and draw” mode prevents the “washout” of biological solids that often occurs with extended aeration systems….Another advantage of SBR systems…is that they require less operator attention yet…produce a very high quality effluent.*

ENTEX has successfully converted many SBRs using our fixed media Webitat system including Owens Corning, as well as National Pingtung University, Taiwan, the worlds first ever fixed-media SBR upgrade.

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